sâmbătă, 29 martie 2014

Get Her Look

Cher Lloyd

Hi there, here I am with another Get The Look. Hope you'll like it :)
Cher started her singing career at The X Factor 2010 and back then she was just a teen girl that, I think, was trying to figure out her style and now she is a woman who has her own style and she is ROCKIN IT.

One of Cher's outfits that I like is something that she wore recently and is a very casual look.

 Cher's outfit is also not so expensive, except the bag witch is a Vivienne Westwood bag (if it's to expensive for you, you can get any black handbag ) , but the rest of it is at a pretty low price, the crop top from Forever21, a pear of treggings from Topshop, a black vest and some black boots.
Now you are ready to hit the town with this casual look.

Laters ;)

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