sâmbătă, 19 aprilie 2014

Get Her Look

Vanessa Hudgens

Hello friends, today I am going to do a get the look with Vanessa Hudgens. I just love her style to death, I would literlally do anything to have her clothes.
This look is really casual and super pretty.
She is wearing a Luv Aj The Moto Jacket (but you can wear any leather jacket), the Floral Studded Sweats from Soul Cycle, a Cuore and Pelle Caterina Purse and a plain black tank top. I couldn't find the exact boots, but the Sam Edelman Louie Boots are very similar. And a pear of Wildfox Sun Steff Sunglasses or any kind of black sunglasses.

Hope you like this look.

Laters ;)

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