sâmbătă, 26 aprilie 2014

How To Wear Sneakers

Hello everybody, hope you're having a great weekend.
Today I want to share with you , my love for sneakers. They are just so easy to wear and very very comfortable.
So I want to show you how to wear them\how to pear them.
This are some of my favorite ways to wear sneakers.
The first one is kind of elegant, but also casual. And the white converse are just the perfect pair of shoes.
 This one is a casual, very feminine look and the sneakers are giving the look a little craziness.
 This is just the usual way everyone is wearing sneakers. Really casual.
 Sneakers and skirts are my favorite combination. But this look is not for everybody, you need to have a little bit of confidence to wear them together.
 This is a casual look, but the coat gives the look a little bit of elagance.
 This is so so so so cute. The sneakers and this really cute dress are just perfect for each other.
 I know this does not look like a complete outfit, but I love how is looks.
 All I can say is perfect. this outfit is really cool and glamorous.
Hope you enjoyed it and let me know witch one of the looks is your favorite.

Laters ;)

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