miercuri, 16 aprilie 2014

Spring Nails

Hello friends, since spring is here and I am very excited about it, I thought why not do a top 10 favorite nail designes for spring.
So here they are, my favorite top 10:
1.First are Alli Simpson's pink glitter nails, which are perfect for spring and very playful
2.These are fabulous. They are very colorful and super super cute.
 3. What says spring more, than fruits. These raspberry nails are amaizing.
 4. Spring is all about cute colours. So why not put those colors on your nails and still keep it simple.
 5. For me, with my nails is go bold and this pink leopard print nails are super cool.
 6. SMILE, that is what you do when you see these cute yellow nails .
7. These rainbow nails are just perfect. 
8. Flowers, flowers and... flowers. That's all I have to say .
 9. These nails are perfect, they have a really great design and bright colors. What do you want more?
 10. And the final ones are the classy ones. You can't go wrong with this ones.
So these are my top 10 favorite designes. 
Hope this gave you some inspiration.

Laters ;)

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