marți, 1 aprilie 2014

Things That Make Me Happy

Hello people, today I am going to do the 'Things that make me happy'  tag.

1. Music. I already told you how much I love music, so I don't think this is a really big surprise. But yeah, I could not live without it.

2.Sunny days. Let me begin by saying that I hate rainy and cold days. I love the sun, because it puts me in a very good mood. It seems everybody is happier when they see the sun.

3.Summer. This may seem the exact same thing with sunny days, but no. When I say summer I mean long hot days, going to the beatch and having a lot of fun with your friends.

4.Laughter. I love to have fun, so it's kind of obvious I love to laugh. As it is said "laughing is the best medicine" and so it is.


6.Trying out new thing. I always wanted to learn how to surf, unfortunately I haven't got thee chance YET.


8.Reading. I love it, because with every story I get to live another life and it is a good way of escaping the reality.

9. LIFE! 

Tell me in the coments what makes you happy.
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